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How To Come Up With Good Dissertation Research Questions

Need to come up with high quality dissertation research questions, but are stuck for ideas? It can be difficult when you get writers block or something along those lines, which means you need a foolproof method of coming up with a great way of getting questions. There are a few methods you can take advantage of that you will always enable to come up with many questions – read on to find out what they are.

The Media

One type of websites that is always pushing out new content onto the web that has a lot of meaning is news. Media websites are kept fresh all the time and you can use that fresh content for up to date ideas on titles you can use for future projects.

For example, if you need to come up with titles for a biology paper, then head over to the science section any of the news websites out there. There might be news stories on the latest biological developments such as human cloning or new bacteria found on some distant planet.


There a lot of directories out there with many different example projects that can be used to research question ideas. Just make sure to come up with your own questions as opposed to simply copying that of another project. This will enable you to create a title that you will be interested in working on. A lot of titles that you are interested might have already been done in the past. However, if you are creative enough you’ll be able to figure out a new title that has a fresh spin.


Conducting good quality research will enable you to come up with a title because you’ll have more information to draw ideas from. It might be that your title will change as many as 10 times before you end up with one you’ll be happy with.

Perhaps as you are conducting your research a title will jump out at you when you least expect it. So don’t concentrate on creating a title to being with. Just head down a particular path of information gathering and he rest will take care of itself.